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Does Vashikaran Mantra comes under Astrology ?

Astrology is a vast and deep field t study. It is the language of stars and planets. Universe speaks to you in its own language. It relates to the study of the effect of distant cosmic objects on human life. This includes the influence of stars and planets and their correlation with life exists on earth. It reveals the characters of human beings. In short, we can say that it looks like a finger pointing to predict your better future. There are various steps include in astrology like Vashikaran Mantra, birth chart, karmic astrology, etc.

Hence, astrology is like a single candle that enlightens the whole universe. The movements and the positions of these cosmic bodies help to gather information used in the study of Astrology. It mainly includes the birth time and birth date of the person. The major part of the astrology depends upon the birth chart of a person. It is prepared during the birth time of the child. It is also called the Natal chart. Astrology opens the new doors for a better future and career of human beings. To control someone, a special step in astrology is taken which called as Vashikaran or Vashikaran Mantra.

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Astrologers are the masters of the astrology field. Without a specialist, Astrology is nothing. An astrologer is like a God’s angel who overcomes our life’s ups and downs. Astrologers do study and research in the field of astrology from years and also gains pure knowledge of Sanskrit mantras. They have perfection in pujas, havans and other methodologies of Astrology. They also help in the Kundali Milan. Kundali Milan seems essential in the Hindu culture. It includes Grah Nakshatra for the perfect match of the couple. When there are family disputes or personal issues that arise, then the use of Vashikaran mantra looks a simple step to settle down all problems.

Vashikaran Mantra – The Totka 

Similarly, Vashikaran is also another category in astrology. It is mainly used for good purpose and effective results for a short period of time. When people get worried due to their personal issues or family matters, they opt for the Vashikaran. It includes pure Sanskrit mantras of Vedas. The reciting of these mantras is done by an Astrologer. This method considers hair locks, clothes, fruits, and other sweets. It affects the desired person to whom someone wants to control. The mantras used in Vashikaran are known as Vashikaran mantra.

The major function of the process is to control someone’s mind. People want to sort out their personal problems like marital issues, extramarital affairs, parent’s permission, inter-caste love marriage, or business issues. These are complicated matters and solved easily. So, Vashikaran is the first and last hope for them. This process has a specific timing to get the desired results. A canal shore or deserted place decided previously for this purpose. It considers as a long-lasting and effective way to get an ambitious person in life. It is purely an ancient time ritual for the goodness of people. The ancient time’s Vashikaran mantra and Vashikaran totke include in this method.

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The main fact in Vashikaran is positive energy. In short, we can say that the person who completes this process needs to be full of positive vibes. The positive energy helps to convince God or Goddess for fruitful results. A number of lords are conducted in the Vashikaran process like Kamakhya, Shri Krishna and more. The vessels like copper, silver or brass are included for Puja Process. Sometimes, a photo of the desired person includes in this method. There are several other Vashikaran methods that are done at home. All these include Vashikaran mantra in different forms like Mohini mantra.

Black Magic- Vashikaran Mantra -Yantra 

Black magic is the part of Vashikaran but it includes Tantra- Mantra. In Hinduism, Kala Jaadu is another name. The main purpose of the Black magic looks as similar to Vashikaran. The strong influence of black magic keeps a person under control for a long time. The strong influence of black magic is done by a specialist. The special type of tantras and puja is conducted for black magic. Sometimes it includes astrologers but most of the time Molvi and expert Babas are considered. They have knowledge about the whole process of Black magic. The various types of pujas with Vashikaran mantra consider this black magic.

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Above all, these all considered for the better of the people. The main focus of the several types of astrological methods is to control bad situations or persons with Vashikaran mantra or gems or pujas.  The previous assumptions of the future guide the people to choose the right path for the upcoming time. These all methods sort out personal issues and work for the wellness of the public. The main motive of the astrology is to provide spiritual guidance to the people. So, the forecasting of a person’s future and personality traits make astrology a respectable field.

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