Benefits of Astrology Yantra

What is Astrology actually?

Astrology finds as a pseudoscience. It includes stars tans planets. The world of stars and other celestial bodies need a language to communicate with Humankind. So, it looks like wording and understanding of these universal bodies. In short, we can say that it describes the motion of planets and stars and their effects on human life. It forecast the future of human beings and Astrology Yantra helps to make it better.

What is Astrology Yantra?

Moreover, astrology is always wondered by the sense of planets and stars. The astrological predictions of a human’s future include a natal chart. Therefore, a birth chart comprises of birth date, time, day, year and place. Consequently, our zodiac sign is also predicting as per the birth chart. There is numerous Astrology Yantra which helps us to modify our future ambitions.
Likewise, astrology yantra is designed to remove obstacles from the success of your life. These are n the form of Holy Scriptures including Vedic astrology. A person who uses it, need to be very religious with these astrology yantras. These yantras are in the different forms like square, the circle of verticals. You may ask the astrologer about the best Astrology Yantra.

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Purpose of Astrology Yantra

The major role of Astrology Yantra includes its qualities for success, health, business, career or any other positive motive. There are several yantras which help human beings to achieve success in their life. These brought as per the requirement of the person. Therefore, astrology yantra has been set up to ask astrologer with puja vidhi and special color clothes. The chanting of mantra also conducts by the astrologer.

List of various Astrology Yantra

There are different yantras as per the desire of the persons like Kuber yantra for money, Saraswati yantra for study, Akarshan yantra to attract someone and so on. These all are placed by an astrologer and require special neat and holy place at home. A special puja also conducts by the family to get benefits from Astrology Yantra. Here is the list of some special yantras that helps to overcome your problems.

Chandra Yantra

Chandra yantra relates with the moon as per Vedic astrology. Therefore, bestows of this yantra includes peace of mind. It balances the mental balance of a person. So, this calls as an object of meditation. Certainly, Chandra yantra improves relationships and internal stability.

Kuber Yantra

It relates with lord Kuber as its name specifies it. Therefore, Lord Kuber considers as the God of wealth. So, worship and installment of Kuber yantra bring a lot of wealth to your home and one can live a kings’ life.

Shani Yantra

This yantra specially designed to protect you from evil eyes and negative energies. Therefore, Shani yantra contains powers of lord Shani. It serves you with physical strength and confidence.

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Surya Yantra

This yantra connects you to the positive vibes of Lord Surya. Therefore, the person who worships Surya yantra is blessed with brilliance, a lot of success and leadership and vigor in his life.

Akarshan Yantra

Akarshan yantra is also known as Mohini yantra. It specially used by the people to attract the desired person for universal love. Hence, this yantra attracts those persons who are living far away from their beloved.

Mangal Yantra

This yantra resembles Lord Mangal. Mangal yantra used by those people who want a better life partner and unable to have children after a long time of marriage. Furthermore, it represents planet Mars and works much better who posses endless debt.

Rahu Yantra

It connects with the planet Rahu. As a planet, Rahu depicts its malefic effects. Rahu yantra considers happiness, prosperity, and health factors. Therefore, this symbolized as the meditation for the stability of mental health.

Ketu Yantra

Ketu yantra connects its energy with planet Ketu. Like Rahu yantra, it also provides positive energy for good health and a happier life.

Guru Yantra

Jupiter considers as the most positive planet in-universe. Guru Yantra dedicated to the Lord Guru. Likewise, this offers high rank, power, authority, and prosperity. Therefore, it provides an abundance of positive energy who worships this yantra.

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 Love Mantra

Love mantra is provided by the astrologer or black magic specialist. Similarly, it helps you to get back your love which lost due to some reasons and have problems in love life. These mantras have strong Vashikaran power to control the desired person’s mind.

Sri Yantra Benefits

This yantra also called the Shri Chakra. It is the combination of all powers, energies, and creativity. Consequently, Sri yantra consists of the powers of the Goddess and called the sign of divine mother principle. It shows the feminism power of Goddess.
Subsequently, it called as the symbol of supreme energy. It cures all problems of life and clears all hindrances from the path of a person who worships it. It destroys whole negativity from the house and reflects positive vibes.


As astrology give solutions to all your problems, likewise, Astrology Yantra serves you with positive light of energy. These yantras help you as per your perspective of use. So, choose wisely that heals your matters.

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